About Us

The Company - A Dynamic Profile

Lalanka Water Management (Pvt) Ltd, incorporated as a specialist and a consultant to the Water Treatment Activities, was founded in Sri Lanka in 2000 with a group of well qualified and well experienced personnel to serve the growing needs of the industrial sector for water management and to improve the standard of recreation of the hard working people after work or whilst at work.

Over the period of years, the changing technology and the needs of the customers induced Lalanka to expand its services to designs, manufacture and installation of water and wastewater treatment systems for a wide range of applications and laboratory services on water analysis.

Lalanka is in the forefront of this field now and is island wide with its extensive sales network to meet customer needs better. Our customers comprise of a wide range of companies from small office to large multinational companies of various industries as well as individuals from small businessmen to chief executive of group of companies, each with its unique needs and requirements.

Lalanka has carved a niche for itself in a distinctive market, even with a less number of years of experience in the field of business. We not only design and construct swimming pools or design and manufacture water treatment equipment tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs but also provide a fast, reliable and efficient backup service.

Lalanka can also provide pragmatic consultation, customer oriented equipment and systems, quality products, effective chemicals, reliable laboratory and maintenance services that can help to solve environmental problems.

We at Lalanka Group, is probably one of the few local companies that offer a comprehensive maintenance service package to all types of needs in its field.

Board of Directors

Managing Director
Mr. Sagara Lunuwila
B Sc. PGD in Architecture

Mrs. Jayanthi Lunuwila
B Sc. Management (Special)

Our Philosophy

We use all our resources to provide a state of peace of mind for our customers whilst
protecting and preserving our nature and environment.

Our Vision

“To be the leading contributor of providing solutions for water related
environmental issues in Sri Lanka”

Our Mission

“To provide products and Services meeting highest international standards
to enhance living standards of human beings with greater care”

Our Commitment

Our Capabilities

It is not a trial or an error, but precise thought that Lalanka has build up a high level of technological expertise and experience through our successful engagements in numerous projects over the years. The accumulation and consolidation of our expertise and experience is the foundation upon which our reputation and commitment is finally established.

Research & Development

Our commitment to quality begins in our Research & Development laboratory and testing facilities with extensive testing and development of new products and processes as well as constant refinement of existing ones. Our fully equipped analytical laboratory facility and highly skilled Research & Development staff give us a distinct edge over our fellow competitors. International agreements with some of the world leaders in the water and wastewater management enables us to gain technical information, support and research collaborations to the benefit of our customers.

On Site Consultation & Management

We strongly believe in on the spot field investigation and consultation for a thorough understanding of our customers’ requirements and problems before marking our recommendations. Our engineers will be on hand to provide on - site management and assistance to our customers after system installation.
Training will be provided by our engineers to customers’ selected staff, to ensure further that the system is properly and efficiently utilized.

Design for Cost Effectiveness

We always use the latest technological innovations when designing systems to the challenging needs of our customers and strive towards designing the optimum system, by balancing the quality of the product with the competitive capital outlay and operating cost.

Quality Control

We guarantee the uncompromising standard of precision and quality. Every component or raw material used is carefully selected and tested to ensure efficient, effective and reliable performance.

After Sales Service

The excitement of Lalanka is its after sales services. The engineers and the technicians are trained to
respond quickly and efficiently to our customers’ requests. We also maintain adequate stock of spare parts and supply, to complement and support the commitment to provide quality and reliable after sales services through our after sales services. We can ensure a longer life span for our customers’ equipment and systems, to continue performance at their optimum level.