1L Deionized Water Bottle Pack



1L Deionized Water – pack of 15 bottles.

Deionised water, or DI water, is sometimes called demineralised water, or DM water. It is water which has had (most of) the ions removed. Ions are atoms or molecules which have either more electrons than protons, making a negative ion (an anion) or fewer electrons than protons, making a positive ion (called a cation).

Normal tap water is full of ions derived from the natural environment, the pipes and other sources. Typically these might include Sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca), Iron (Fe) and Copper (Cu). The deionisation process removes these mineral ions and is an important aspect of water purification for various applications.

Deionised water is not the same as distilled water, although they are both forms of purified water. While the deionisation process produces high purity water by removing mineral ions it will not significantly remove any uncharged organic molecules. Whereas the distillation process boils water and then condenses the vapor which leaves both solid, mineral contaminants and organic contaminants behind.

Deionized water is the water of choice in many factory and manufacturing settings because manufacturers want to avoid the buildup of salts on machinery.

Deionized water may be used to cool, lubricate machines as well as other applications in an industrial setting.

Deionized water can be used to manufacture cosmetics, medicines and also process foods.

Meanwhile, some health experts recommend deionized water for short-term use only to detoxify the body. However, if you choose to detox this way, you should seek the advice of a health expert. They can monitor your progress to make sure you don’t overdo it, according to the World Health Organization.

If you are concerned with the ions lost in the process of deionization as you take the water, it can be easily obtained through eating a well-balanced meal.

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