BIO Mineral Water Purifier with RO technology



RO Water Purifier with AAA, pH & Mineral Controller can sure be called a complete purifier as it removes all Physical, Chemical and Biologocal impurities.

This purifier also adds essential minerals which are generally removed by the R.O. plant during the purification process. It has the below benefits,
Increases the dessolved oxygen, pH and alkalinity of water.
Removes Dissolved Impurities
Removes Virus & Bacteria
Removes Free-radical
Reduces O.R.P. (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
Decreases N.M.R. (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)
Increases pH
Adds Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Polassium
pH and Mineral Concentration can be regulated by consumers

This system helps to customize the pH/alkalinity and concentration of minerals in water as per the needs of consumer as such provision is provided in the machine it self.