Domestic Air Purifiers




The domestic antisepsis air purifier utilizes five purification technologies. The built-in UV lamp acts to kill virus or bacteria, carbon filter for effective deodorization, Air ionization gives out negative ions which is good for the body. Photo Catalyst restrains the activation of the virus, killing germs & removing odor.

HEPA filter: Drifts dust.
Activated carbon filter: It can effectively break down all kinds of poisonous fumes and odors like formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia etc.
Photo Catalyst: Restrain the activation of the virus effectively. Efficiency for killing germs to 98.2%, removing odor up to 92.3%
Ultraviolet light: The sterilization rate is more than 97.6%. It kills virus & bacteria.
Ions: More than 8 million negative ions are generated per second, makes a fresh environment at home.
It adopts a USB connector, which can be connected directly to the car or can be operated with battery.