Food Purifier




Vegetable, Fruit & Meat Purifier

Removes insecticides, farm chemicals & parasites from vegetable, fruit & meat.

Washing vegetables, fruits and meat with water does not remove pesticides and other harmful chemicals from their surface. Our vegetable & fruit purifier uses exceptionally powerful Ozone technology to easily remove impurities from the surface of vegetables, fruits & meat making them cleaner & safer to eat.

Purifies Vegetables, Fruits & Meat
Effectively oxidizes residual chemicals and bacteria from surface of vegetables & fruits.

Deodorizes Seafood & Meat
Removes residual chemicals and bad odour from seafood and meat.

Keep vegetables & fruits fresher for longer

Enhances quality of water for bathing
Eradicates bacteria and other harmful germs present in water thus making Ozonised water healthy & good for bathing.

Protects feet
Controls and prevents athlete’s foot and ringworm of nails when washed with ozonised water.