Mineral Pot – 16 L


The mineral pot works by simply pouring water from a jug into the top container, which then slowly moves through the various sets of filters via the force of gravity, and collects as clean, filtered water in the bottom container, ready to drink.



This will remove chlorine and other harmful tap water chemicals as well as improve the taste, color and odor of your tap water.

Main Features :

  • Robust stylish premium quality design
  • Removes Chlorine and other common harmful chemicals present in tap water
  • Improves taste, color and odor of tap water
  • Includes silver impregnated ceramic filter for added protection against bacteria
  • Suitable for use with municipal/council tap water with moderate to low sediment levels
  • Ideal for office, school, college and home
  • Easy to disassemble the filter and clean it by yourself