Perfume Dispenser




Aerosol fragrance dispenser diffuser for automatic odor control, air freshening and air sanitizing

The Automatic perfume dispenser can release fragrance automatically and eliminate odors in the air. It is a fantastic machine which makes a good atmosphere by spraying scented air automatically. The machine is easy to install and adjustable 1 to 60 minutes at any time interval to spray perfume.

The in-built light sensor can sense the light changes and accordingly adjust spray interval setting at 8, 15 or 30 minutes. It can even operate in two working models either 24h and daytime only.

Unique wall mounted design, can easily hang on the wall or even place on the desk. A bottle of 300ML perfume sprayer can spray 3000 times, this covers an area of 20m2.

Application areas: Home, Bathroom, Bedroom, Pets room, Restroom, Office, Beauty salon, Hospital, Hotel, Shopping mall, Stores etc.
Recyclable and corrosion resistant.

Standard size refills, easily available in the market.

Packing includes:
1 x Aerosol Dispenser
1 x Fragrance Can
1 x Install screw set
1 x English Instructions