Residual Chlorine Test Kit – LH-2002 (0.05 – 1.0 mg/L)



50 tests can be done from one box.


  • Take out tube, pour about 15ml water sample into tube, add residual chlorine reagent and shake up until it is dissolved fully.
  • Put the colorimetric tube to the blank of the standard card, then lift the tube up to 2cm, observe the color in the tube from top to bottom. The concentration (mg/L) level of the standard card that has the same color as the sample shows the concentration of the sample.


  • The pH of the water sample to be tested is 5.0~8.0, and the temperature is 15-25° C
  • The presence of other oxidants can interfere with the determination.
  • Calorimetry should be completed within 5 minutes after the addition of the agent.