RO Water Purifier – O9



The O9 RO Water Purifier is built-in with a 300 GPD RO Membrane element thus requires a significant amount of high pressure water. The O9 however does not require a booster tank for operation.

Suitable for domestic households & commercial use such as for a small office.

Purification capacity of 35 liters per hour with an maximum duty cycle of 175 liters/day.

The O9 could be wall mounted or installed as a counter top. It is designed with a built-in storage tank with the capacity of 8 liters of purified water

2 x Nano Silver Coated Activated Carbon Filter
1 x Sediment Filter (5 Micron)
1 x 300GPD RO Membrane (0.0001 Micron)
1 x Booster Pump