Salt Content Meter – SALINTEST – HI98203



Worldwide, fish farming has made great strides in the past two decades, with aquaculture becoming the prime source for quality seafood. As the methods and products keep changing, one crucial factor remains the same: the necessity for salinity testing.
The main component of salt in seawater is sodium chloride. The SALINTEST can help you accurately monitor the concentration of sodium chloride in aquaculture systems. Besides applications in aquaculture, SALINTEST is also ideal for checking salt concentrations in live fish storage tanks, tropical fish aquariums, refrigerated storage and oceanographic investigations.
The SALINTEST is easy to maintain and to assure accuracy, it has one point calibration through a trimmer on the side.

Key features

Sodium ISE for NaCl readings
Extractable Junction
One-Point Calibration

Supplied with

Protective cap
Calibration screwdriver
Batteries and instructions