Total Iron Test Kit – LH-2021



Take a clean colorimetric tube, add the water sample to the mark, add 1mL of total iron reagent I, shake well, then add a package of total iron reagent II, shake up.
After standing for 5 minutes, put the colorimetric tube to the blank of the standard card, then lift the tube up to 2cm, observe the color in the tube from top to bottom. The concentration (mg/L) level of the standard card that has the same color as the sample shows the concentration of the sample.


  • Reducing agent: cyanide, nitrite, etc. It can be removed by adding acid to boil.
  • Pyrophosphoric acid, metaphosphate,etc. It can be converted to orthophosphate by boiling with acid.
  • Mercury, cadmium,silver,ect.precipitation can be formed with phenanthroline. When the concentration is low, excess phenanthroline can be added to eliminate. When the concentration is high, the precipitate should be remove by filtration.